Friday, 16 March 2012

X-Men Android Game Download,Action game By KONAMI

X-Men Android Game Download,Action game By KONAMI
A style restoring ancient ways action game, see its picture you must be a little disappointed, but as we were born in the 80 s, but there was another kind of felling. Although the game screen is not going well, but we all know, a good game can not only see appearance, its connotation and can play degree is also pretty important.
The game developers is KONAMI (kele beauty) company. This game by of the 1992 classic x-patrol arcade game transplant come over, in this game, you can choose their own role: one-eyed giants, the colossus, kong Wolf, and tempest, and the other night. Every role is like a film for you in the present, that have their own special skills.
The game support people vs mode, up support four people and multiplayer.
V1.1 updated content:
-more than to repair online wartime equipment performance problems;
-improve the multiplayer game performance.
X-Men Android Game Download
Download X-Men Android Game
Download X-Men Android Game


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